Board of Directors

The CRAHD Board of Directors is a policy-making board providing input and guidance on the priorities of the department’s goals and operations. Consisting of one representative for every 10,000 residents or part thereof within each town, the board is made up of 7 directors; one from Deep River, Haddam, and Chester, and two each from the towns of Clinton and Old Saybrook. The directors are appointed by the town to serve a 3-year term. Terms overlap among directors for better continuity of the board.

The board of directors of CRAHD meets to discuss the activities of the health district and to plan out the direction of the department as implemented by the Director of Health. Please also see the posted agendas and minutes.

Michael Dunne, MD

Board Chairman (Old Saybrook)

Angus McDonald

Board Vice Chairman (Deep River)

Alan Schwarz, MD

Board Director (Old Saybrook)

Karl Kilduff

Board Director (Clinton)

Rita Foster, RN MSN

Board Director (Clinton)

Bob McGarry

Board Director (Haddam)

Lauren Gister

Board Director (Chester)